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Have a nice trip to Russia!

  Also we want you to familiarize about some important things for your comfortable stay in Russia:

Medical travel insurance (COVID-19 FULL COVERAGE)

In accordance with Russian law each foreigner who comes to Russia should have a health insurance policy. Lack of insurance can lead to problems with entry to Russia and problems with the authorities, fines (30-110 EUR).

For citizens of Schengen Area medical travel insurance is necessary document for visa obtaining!
Find more on official website of Federal Agency for tourism (Russian tourist authority).
You can buy it in your country (pay attention that your insurance company must have an assistance in Russia) or we can suggest you buy it in high rated Russian insurance companies.

Our insurance program includes:
  • Expenses for emergency medical care for 30 000 EUR
  • Expenses for emergency dental care (expenses whose cost does not exceed 200 EUR);
  • Expenses for medical equipment provision;
  • Medical transportation expenses;
  • Expenses for repatriation of the deceased;
  • Expenses related to the third person visit in an emergency situation;
  • Expenses for the arrangement of minor children return;
  • Expenses for the early return to the country of permanent residence;
  • Information services expenses.
Price is:
  • 1,8 per day
  • 4 per day (ages from 65 and above)
If you want to get it, just specify your email and dates of trip.

*Processing time for issue – few hours.
If you have already chosen a hotel, but have not paid for it, you can find out its price through our company.
In many cases, it is lower than in popular booking services*.

If you have not yet decided on the hotel, after choosing it, please contact us, we will try to find the best price for you.

 *we can provide good prices only for popular hotels. Hostels and apartments better to book and pay through popular booking services.

Hotel 1

Hotel 2

Hotel 3

Visa registration

In accordance with Russian law each foreigner who comes to Russia should have his/her Russian visa registered upon arrival within 7 days.

There is 3 ways to get registration:

  1. If you stay in a hotel, hotel must do in for you by law (for free of for some small charge)
  2. If you stay in a hostel or in Airbnb/friends apartments the owner of hostel/apartments can do it for you (but is not obliged to) in local police station (for free or for some charge)
  3. Or you can make registration through our partners for 50 EUR (including all fees), after you arrive to Russia for registration we need a copies:
  • of your passport (page with your photo)
  • of your visa (with customs stamp)
  • of your migration card (you will get it in the border)
  • of your medical travel insurance

Email – manager@visatoruss.com

For getting registration through our partners you no need to visit any offices, and spend your time for it!

If you have any questions please contact us!

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