Advantages of our company

Licensed tour operator

We are officially tour operator in accordance with 132 Russian Federal law. Official certification of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Instant issue on your email

Receiving a tourist invitation within 60 minutes. Receiving business invitation within 1 working day.

Best prices

Cost of tourist invitation letter is $11.99. cost of business invitation letter is $.

Appropriate for all booking services like:, TripAdvisor,, Airbnb and all others, or if you will stay at private address.

All major payments types accepted

Apple pay, Android pay, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Secure and authentic website

All your data is protected by respectable internet Security Company as COMODO GROUP

The ultimate goal of our company is to provide an easy access and ensure the quality of services required in order for an applicant to receive a Russian Visa in most advanced and inexpensive way.

For example, applying for the same service from inside of your country will cost you between 3-5 times more. Why overpay? Our company have a license from Ministry of Tourism of Russian Federation (Rostourism) that ensures to get Russian visa with 100% guarantee.

Frezer (Ethiopia)

Frezer (Ethiopia)


Amadou (Cameroun)

Amadou (Cameroun)

Got my visa! All the best!

Diana (Cameroon)

Diana (Cameroon)

Just got my long 6 months visa! Thank you!

Dominic (Switzerland)

Dominic (Switzerland)

Here is my visa! Thank you!

Jorge (France)

Jorge (France)

Thank you for your service!

Harish (India)

Harish (India)

Thank you again for your excellent service! Here is my business visa!

Deepak (India)

Deepak (India)

Would recommend your service to anyone, great job and does it excellently

Ramesh (Sri Lanka)

Ramesh (Sri Lanka)

Thanks Alexander, excellent service. I'm very grateful!

Frequently asked questions

What is the invitation letter and why I need it?

In accordance with Russian law for getting Russian tourist or business visa you must have an invitation letter.

Tourist invitation consists of two parts - the tourist confirmation letter (“подтверждение о приеме иностранного туриста” - in Russian) and the travel (tourist) voucher - in this documents there is necessary information which needs to apply the application for Russian tourist visa (name of travel organization, its address, reference and confirmation numbers).

Business invitation from Russian Organization is a document in Russian language - in this document there is necessary information which needs to apply the application for Russian tourist visa (name of travel organization, its address and TIN number).

What kind of invitation I need to get Russian visa?

If your trip is planned for up to 30 days, choose a single (or double) tourist invitation. If you would like to visit Russia several times or over 30 days - choose business invitation for six months or for one year. For most Russian consulates it\'s enough a copy of invitation (for Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and others). Business invitation letters is appropriate only for EU, US citizens and some others. For UK citizens we can give FMS electronic invitation. (business invitation letter is not appropriate for UK by Russian Consulate rules).

What organizations can issue invitations for Russian visa? (IMPORTANT)

Invitations can only issue by officially tour operator which have license in accordance with 132 Russian Federal law. As you can see in a license of the Ministry of Tourism of Russian Federation (Rostourism) we are guaranteed to have the right to provide these services till 01.01.1970. This means that you are guaranteed to get a visa to Russia without any problems. (our license)

Also you can check the license on the website of the Federal Agency for Tourism

Don\’t let our highly affordable prices fool you into thinking our quality isn\'t good. All official tour operators provides identical invitations (the content of invitation approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation), so the main thing with choosing a company is - valid license, price, convenient website, rush service and responsive communication

Is your service secure and reliable?

Our company has been providing this service since 1992, each year we prolonging our accreditation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our reference number is confirmed by Russian tourist license, which is pretty expensive in Russia by law (only the bank guarantee for tourism cost 30 million rubles per year – about 500 000 USD, also there is a lot of another fees), so we are very interested that each customer get Russian visa and recommend our service to his friends and partners.

Also for keeping high level of security our website based on https protocol - all data which we receive are well protected.

Why are invitations of have a good price?

  • our office is located in Moscow (yes, it\'s in Russia) and we do not have to pay for office rent in your country;
  • we work without intermediaries;
  • we are managed to automate some processes, resulting in savings on labor;
  • we have a high volumes of sales;

P.S. our service provide invitations for Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan citizens and others. For some another countries price can be higher.

How do get Russian visa with this invitation?

Print your invitation. Make a color photo, health insurance and other documents (a full list of documents to specify the consulate or visa application center in your country). Fill out the form on the website of the Consulate of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Specify the tourism as a purpose of your trip, specify travel company, specify the name of travel organization, address, reference and confirmation (voucher №) numbers and the hotel(s) that listed in your invitation. Visit Russian consulate or visa application center, and after 3-5 days after your visit of consulate or visa application center you can get your Russian visa.

Is your service trustworthy? (IMPORTANT)

Yes, and it’s ok question when you visit website of company which based in foreign country and you are going to buy something. And this company is not Apple Inc, Ebay or similar.

Here are the arguments that say that we are trusted and reliable company and you can check it by yourself

1. Valid license, each year we make a lot of papers, fees and reports for authorities to prolong it. In section LICENSE you can find more information about it. And here you can check it online on official website of Russian tourist authority Rostourism. Now our license is valid till 01.01.1970.

2. We use extremely secure payment providers as Stripe (for any types of cards), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal. And by the way they made a strict verification of our company too before they allow to use their service for payments.

3. All your data is protected by respectable internet Security Company as COMODO GROUP.

Is your invitation appropriate for Airbnb, or similar services?

If you are planning to stay in Russia in apartment of your friends, booked an apartment using Airbnb service, or hotel using (or similar) service, or have not yet decided in what place in Russia you are going to stop, in all this cases to obtain a visa to Russia our invitation letter is appropriate for getting Russian visa.

Common mistakes in application form

Most often, our customers make mistakes in the passport number, and sometimes we receive an applications with wrong e-mail. Also check your travel dates - tourist visa can be issued only for 30 days (for example 09.12.2016 - 08.01.2017 - it\'s 31 days). Carefully double-check all the data in application. The invitation with mistakes can rejected by Consulate.

How you can still help the tourists coming to Russia?

Our company are supporting with the following additional services:

  • registration in Moscow.
  • transfer from the airport to your accommodation and back. The cost of taxi services in airports and hotels is 2-3 times higher than the pre-order here. Airports are located outside the city limits to 30 km.
  • guides.
  • various excursions, tickets to the Bolshoi Theater, and so on.

If you need some support you can contact us.

Don't see your question? contact us

So, when you have found out all about our services, you can proceed to order your invitations which will ensure you a Russian visa with 100% guarantee, and we believe that it just what you wanted.

If you have not yet decided with company which provide you a Russian invitation, we recommend you to add site to your bookmarks, because you will not find cheaper service.

What kind of invitation do you prefer?

Double entry

Tourist invitation (tourist confirmation and tourist voucher)

  • Ready in 60 minutes
  • For a visa up to 30 days
  • Invitation sent directly to your email
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • American express
  • Visa

Multiple entry

Business MVD TELEX (appropriate for all purposes of visit)

  • Ready in 17 working days
  • For a visa up to 1 year
  • Invitation sent directly to your email
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • American express
  • Visa

Fill out the application form

Type of invitation

Client information

Trip information


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What our customers say

The following quotes are typical for the customer appreciation Visatoruss by Fortuna Travel receives. This underlines our commitment to provide total customer satisfaction and be your trusted service and advisor.

Donald. New York, USA
Hello Alexander, This is to let you know that I have now received my 3 year multiple entry Russian visa. Many thanks for your excellent professional assistance. Happy New Year 2017!
Visa agency, London. UK
Thank you again for your excellent service! Kind regards, Joe
Darren. Warrington. UK
Thanks Alexander, excellent service. I'm very grateful. Unfortunately, I'm not on Facebook. Kind Regards
Janet. Epsom, UK
Would recommend your service to anyone, great job and does it excellently

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