Important Health Insurance Requirements and Authorized Policies in Russia

Legal Health Insurance Requirement in Russia

According to Russian law (155-FZ 29.06.2015), all foreign visitors to Russia must have a health insurance policy with a coverage of 2,000,000 rubles (30,000 EUR). This ensures sufficient medical protection during their stay.

COVID-19 Insurance Obligation

In light of COVID-19, it is essential to have a health insurance policy that includes full coverage for COVID-19-related expenses. This is crucial for safeguarding against potential medical costs associated with the virus.

Consequences of No Insurance

Lack of insurance can lead to issues with entry, authorities, and fines (30-110 EUR) in Russia. Compliance with the insurance requirement is necessary to avoid legal and financial complications.

Restrictions on Foreign Insurance Companies

Note that the chosen insurance company must provide assistance in Russia due to sanctions limiting foreign insurers. Foreign health insurance policies may not be valid in Russia.

Authorized Medical Insurance from Russian State Companies

Our company is authorized to issue medical insurance policies in collaboration with Russian state insurers. Our policy meets all requirements, ensuring comprehensive assistance and hassle-free border crossing.

Guaranteed Assistance and Smooth Border Crossing

With our insurance policy, you are assured of receiving the necessary assistance and support. It guarantees a smooth border crossing, allowing you to enjoy your time in Russia without insurance-related issues.

insurance program

Our insurance program includes

  • Expenses for emergency medical care for 30 000 EUR
  • Expenses for emergency dental care (expenses whose cost does not exceed 200 EUR)
  • Expenses for medical equipment provision
  • Medical transportation expenses
  • Expenses for repatriation of the deceased
  • Expenses related to the third person visit in an emergency situation
  • Expenses for the arrangement of minor children return
  • Expenses for the early return to the country of permanent residence
  • Information services expenses

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